You Said - We Did

In Antonine Primary we listen to the views and ideas of pupils, parents, staff and partner agencies.  You Said - We Did provides feedback on actions taken to shape and enhance our school. 

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Children’s Drinks & Snacks in School  

The school held a series of consultations about improving children’s drinks and snacks in school. Questionnaires were sent home. Also, the Parent Council and Pupil Health group had meetings to discuss improving drinks and snacks in school.

You said

Almost all parents, carers and children who responded to our  consultations said that pupils should be encouraged to bring healthy drinks and snacks to school. Water only should be drunk in the classroom and snack portions sizes should be moderate.

We did

Our Healthy Snacks Policy was updated to reflect the feedback.  The Pupil Health Group spoke about healthy snacks at assembly. A poster  about healthy snacks was displayed in every class. A home-school agreement was sent home asking parents and children to support the changes. A dental practitioner will soon work with our Health Group to further develop ideas  on how to help pupils and their familes make informed choices about  drinks and snacks.


Pupil Equity Funding (PEF)

Through a series of consultations from February – March 2017 the school community shared their views on how the school should use its £159, 600 PEF funding to support children affected by financial difficulties to achieve the best possible outcomes. The money is allocated to school’s as part of the Scottish Government’s Scottish Attainment Challenge. There was a high number of responses to our school’s questionnaires about PEF.

You said

Our school should have a Nurture group to provide more help for children with social and emotional barriers to their learning. There should be more targeted support and resources for children with literacy and numeracy difficulties.

We did