Vision, Values & Aims

Our shared vision

Antonine Primary School will thrive as a welcoming, safe, happy, stimulating and forward looking community where everyone is nurtured to become a successful learner, confident individual, effective contributor and responsible citizen.

Our shared core values

Respect, Kindness, Ambition, Pupil Voice and Teamwork

Our school motto

‘Smart with a heart’

Our school improvement aims

•  Nurture a culture of aspiration and achievement
•  Deliver high quality learning, teaching and personalised support    
•  Support children’s wellbeing, equality and inclusion
•  Promote equity and address the attainment gap
•  Improve progression and relevance in skills for learning, life and work  
•  Build the capacity of staff and children to lead learning and change
•  Develop strong partnership approaches, including parents/carers
•  Improve family learning provision
•  Build strong collective engagement of a highly professional staff
•  Develop robust, collaborative self-evaluation for self-improvement
•  Increase creativity and innovation to make education fit for the 21st century learner

You can download the full copy our school standards and quality report here.