Breakfast Club & School Lunches

The Fuel Zone menu works on a three week rotation. You can view and download the autumn/winter menus below and check which week of the rotation we are on here. If your child has any special dietry requirements please view our Medically Referred Diets. We also have advice on preparing healthy, balanced packed lunches here.

Menu Dates (for the standard, Halal and vegetarian menus)

Week 1 menu dates:  14/08, 04/09 and 02/10

Week 2 menu dates: 21/08, 11/09 and 09/10

Week 3 menu dates: 28/08, 25/09 and 16/10

On this page you will also find the following information:

  • Lunch hall rota

  • Fuel Zone breakfast and lunch service

  • Allergies

  • Special diets

  • Free meal entitlement

  • Stay hydrated

  • Healthy Snacks

Lunch Hall Rota

P1 and P2 children start lunch at 12 noon and 12.05pm respectively, and are supported by their class teachers until the P6 lunchtime monitors come on duty at 12.15pm.

All children eat in the dining hall whether they have a Fuelzone lunch or their own packed lunch.

The two week lunch rota for P3-7 children is as follows:

Week One: Weeks beginning - 28/8, 11/09, 25/09, 9/10, 23/10, 6/11, 20/11, 4/12, 18/12

1st Sitting: 12.15pm
P3s in P3/2
P6                                                                                                                                                                                                     P7/6                    P7                                                                                                                                                                                                     

2nd Sitting: 12.30pm
P3                                                                                                                                                                                                    P4

Week Two: Weeks beginning - 4/9, 18/09, 2/10, 16/10, 30/10, 13/11, 27/11, 11/12

1st Sitting: 12.15pm

2nd Sitting: 12.30pm
P3s in P3/2 (Nursery area setting)
P6                                                                                                                                                                                                     P7/6                                                                                                                                                                                                  P7

It is important to ensure your child has a balanced and nutritious diet to provide them with the nutrients they need to learn and play during the school day. By encouraging your child to eat a healthy diet they will have more energy, which will improve concentration in class and enable better performance at sports and play.

The Fuel Zone continually works with pupils and teachers to develop the service and ensure that it offers a varied and healthy menu that tastes delicious too. These are some good reasons why you should encourage your child to eat in the school’s Fuel Zone.

Fuel Zone Breakfast Service

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day and children who have breakfast are often more calm, alert and ready to learn. Antonine Primary School provides a breakfast service available to all pupils every weekday morning from 8am - 8.45am. Not only does this service allow children to have a nutritious healthy breakfast before the start of the school day, it also allows them to meet up with friends and make new friends.  For those not currently entitled to a free school meal, there is a £2 charge for breakfast for the first child and subsequent children pay £1 (e.g. a parent with two children attending breakfast club would pay £3). Parents are able to pre-purchase breakfast. Children at breakfast club go into the playground at 8.45am where there is a staff member on duty to ensure the children stay within the school grounds.

Fuel Zone Lunch Service

All Glasgow school pupils in primaries one, two and three can enjoy a nutritious free meal every day at lunchtime in the Fuel Zone. There are no forms to fill in; pupils simply turn up each day to enjoy a delicious lunch.

Children in Primaries 4 – 7 pay £1.90 for lunch, unless their family is entitled to free school meals welfare benefit (see below for more information).

A selection of healthy options are on offer to make up a three course meal with milk or water. Pupils can select a main meal, drink and a dessert, and choose as much fruit, vegetables, soup and bread as they like. Vegetarian and Halal diets are also catered for where required.

The lunchtime menu in the Fuel Zone rotates on a three weekly basis to give children variety. Visit the Fuel Zone website if you need to check which week we are on for school lunches and for further information on Glasgow Schools Food Policy.

We would encourage all parents to take advantage of free school meals. This ensures your child enjoys a nutritious lunch every day while also saving you around £23 each month (compared with packed lunches).

If you would like further information about the Fuelzone service please contact the head teacher or Cordia Catering Manager, Elaine Flanagan on 0141 944 6923



A reminder that children and adults should not bring nuts and food containing nuts to school. We have a pupil with a peanut allergy who may suffer an anaphylactic reaction if he/she eats, or comes into contact with nuts or products  containing nuts. Please check the labels on food items brought into school.

Special Diets

If your child has any medical dietary requirements please contact your catering manager who will be happy to help. Please refer to the Medically Referred Diet leaflet for more information.

Free Meal Entitlement

If your child is eligible to a free meal entitlement, they will receive a meal allowance of £1.90 each day entitling them to a Fuel Zone Lunch and drink. We do hope that your child will make use of their entitlement. Application forms for Clothing Grants and Free School Meals may be obtained from the school office or online at


Under the Refresh Initiative the school has two mains fed water coolers situated on the ground and first floors for use by children and staff. Pupils are permitted to drink plain water during class time and breaks. Parents should provide their child with a reusable water bottle, which can be kept in school or taken home each evening. Better hydration means better performance in school and water offers an alternative to unhealthy sugary drinks.

  • Helps children stay healthy
  • Improves co-ordination
  • Reduces tiredness

Playtime Snacks and Drinks

Please ensure your child brings healthy snacks to school – no sweets/candy/lollipops or snacks with high levels of sugar, fat or salt.

Children should only bring to school one healthy playtime snack. If two snacks are required, then at least one should be a piece of fruit.

A bottle of flat juice (including fruit juice, diluting juice and flavoured water) can be brought in for playtime or lunch. (Only water can be drunk in class).

Pupils are not permitted to bring fizzy and sports drinks to school.