School Security & Safety

As we wish Antonine Primary to remain a welcoming and safe environment it is important that all parents and carers are aware of and follow the school’s communication and security procedures. Your support and cooperation with these important aspects of school safety are much appreciated. Thank you in anticipation.


Road Safety

Please put the safety of children first do not double park, mount the pavement with your car, or park on the zig-zag lines outside Antonine Primary. If you cannot find a safe parking space immediately outside the school please park a short distance away. This will not only help ensure a safe crossing area for pupils, families and local residents but your child will also benefit from the short walk to and from school.

Playground security

The janitor and a member of support staff are on duty at the school gates from 8.45am.Parent/carers are not permitted in the playground in the morning unless they are cutting through the school within the demarked parent zone. At 3pm parents/carers should wait outside the school gate for pupils or stand within the parent zone in the school playground. Teachers dismiss our younger pupils one or two at a time so we would appreciate if you would avoid calling on your child to come out of their class line.

Please keep the school entrance area clear for families on the move entering and exiting.


Arrangements for new Primary 1 pupils lining up

While it was fine in the first few weeks for the parents/carers of our new entrants to line up in the playground with their child, we request that you now send your child into their class line while you stand in the designated parent zone or outside the school gates. This not only helps promote greater pupil independence but also helps us identify unknown adults in our school grounds. Primary 7 buddies and a member of staff are on hand to assist pupils in the playground in the morning.


Arrangements for wet mornings

If the weather is particularly inclement (eg high winds or heavy snow) before the start of the school day, pupils are called into the dining hall by a member of staff or the janitor. For security reasons we are not able to permit parents/carers to accompany their child into the school building.


When visiting the school office

To ensure the health and safety of all pupils and staff within the school building please use the buzzer at the main door, sign in and report directly to the school office where any enquiries or messages for pupils or staff will be passed on via our office support staff.  Appointments with the head teacher or depute should be made via the school office or by phone. We are happy to meet with parents/carers who drop in if we are available.


Mobile phones

We strongly advise that your child does not bring a mobile phone to school. If you allow your child to bring a mobile phone to school it must be switched off and kept in your child’s bag or in the teacher desk.  Children are not permitted to use their phones in the school building or playgroundfor any purpose. Children will only be allowed to use their phones once they have left the premises. Any calls to and fromthe school should be made through the School office. The school cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage of your child’s phone.