P6 & P7 Playground Buddy Programme

Our successful Playground Buddy Programme has been going for 5 years now.  The main aims are:

  • To help Antonine Primary School become a better place to learn.

  • To see more Antonine Primary School children smiling and having fun. 

  • To get Antonine Primary School children to play and be active.

A good number of our P6 and P7 pupils have put their applications in for our Playground Buddy Programme 2016-17.  As usual, application forms were of a high standard and the interviews went smoothly for everyone, although some of the upper school children were surprised with the ‘tough’ questions and ‘grilling’ they received from Neive Murray (P4 Health Committee), Gregor Hall (P4 Rights Respecting Schools Ambassador) and Oliver Henderson (P4 Eco Committee Member) who all sat on the ‘Interview Panel’.

The P6 and P7 pupils were asked the following  questions:

•             Why is it important to be sensible as a buddy and not let anyone down?

•             What games and equipment would you use to help children to play in a better way?

•             How would you help a child that was crying?

•             How would you show that you were part of a team?

•             What would you do if you saw two children fighting each other?

•             Buddies might need to be on duty at playtimes or lunchtimes.  How do you feel about this?

•             If you are offered a buddy position, will you stay a buddy until the end of your contract?

 The panel were looking for candidates to show that they were kind, caring, helpful and supportive.  They also looked at the candidate’s complete application, presentation, experience and attitude.

We hope that it was a good experience for everyone and will stand the children in good stead for the challenges of adult life.

On duty, every Buddy is expected to be:  helpful, caring, responsible, trustworthy and respectful.

All our Buddies sign up to a strict code of conduct which relates to our school values: Respect/Kindness/Aim High/Pupil Voice/Team Work. 

They promise to:

•             Do the best job I can do as a buddy and role model for the younger children in Antonine

•             Keep all the values of Antonine Primary School each day.

•             Undertake all tasks and activities as laid out in the weekly rota and as directed by the staff.

•             Listen and speak respectfully to other pupils and staff at all times.

•             Take care of any equipment and leave all areas of the school tidy and free from clutter.

The following young people were successful at interview:

Stewart Moir, Reiss Clements, Robbie McMillan and Caitrin Thomson from P7/6.

Jack Melvin, Kie Owens, Hiyman Lakisani , Harli McIlveen, Sophie Wylie, Katie Doyle and Brooke Gillespie from P7.

Destiny Harkin, Taylor Fletcher, Max McKellar, Tyler Melrose, Emily McGuire, Lochlann Gilmour Finnegan,  Andi Woods, Jessica Ogg and Karis McNicol from P6/5.

Congratulations to those boys and girls who have already been through the selection process and are giving something back to our school community. The next group of applications will be processed in due course.