The Daily Mile

We would like to inform you about our new fitness programme which the whole school will be involved in.

The name we have given to this is the Daily Mile. Basically the Daily Mile is 15 minutes of physical activity every day. You don’t have to do an actual mile – just 15 minutes of physical activity.

All of the Primary 7s have mapped out routes with trundle wheels. We measured the pitch and the playgrounds. We went out twice as we could not manage all of this work in the space of a day.

Now, here are the benefits of the Daily Mile:

  • It can help to lower stress levels as it helps to get rid of a stress chemical called ‘cortisol’.

  • It gets us outdoors every day which is good because some of us might get jobs outdoors when we are older and it is better for us to be used to it now – we even go out if it is raining.

  • We can sort out arguments with our friends when we are out.

  • It can help improve our concentration levels.

If you want to know more please look up

Thank you!

Written by Kie Owens, P7