Flying Fish 6th September 2016 by P6/5

We took the bus to Cochno burn to investigate how healthy the water is.

3 kinds of fish were caught in a demonstration:  brown trout, minnow and 3 spined sticklebacks.  We thought some of the fish were cute!

We did 3 activities at the burn:  kick sampling in the water when we caught invertebrates in nets, identifying trees and drawing sketches of the site.  The biologists said this was what they do every day in their job.

Back in class, we used spoons to transfer the aquatic invertebrates into petri dishes.  We looked at some of them up close with a microscope.  They looked huge and creepy!  We used a key to identify the invertebrates.  Next we did a site assessment poster and decided how healthy our burn was.  Finally we created our own caseless caddis fly with craft materials!