Our science lesson was amazing because we learned about lots of different forms of energy. I thought science was very interesting because we learned where different types of energy cane from. We learned that kinetic energy is made by movement and potential energy is stored. We made a helicopter and when we held it still it had potential energy. When we threw it in the air it had kinetic energy.

P5/4 pupil

Drumchapel High School Leaders of Learning


I have really enjoyed the football and I really like all the coaches. The coaches were very good at football and they were really funny.  I had loads of fun. The coach called Keiran got better at taking penalty kicks. All the coaches are amazing!

Written by a P5/4 pupil



I really enjoyed the dancing lessons. I liked the dancing lessons from Dionne.  All the dance teachers were really good at dancing. I liked the dance lessons with Dionne because she showed us great dance steps. I liked the dance that Dionne made up. I love how much work Dionne put into teaching us the dance.

Written by a P5/4 pupil



First Blog from P5/4

Hi we are Primary 5/4. In school we have been learning about our city, Glasgow, which is the largest city in Scotland. We found out that there are over 70 parks in Glasgow and the River Clyde splits Glasgow into North and South. We live in the north-west of the city and discovered that Glasgow is built on 118 hills. We learned about the Glasgow artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh and St Mungo.

In our maths lessons we like to play maths games.  We enjoy playing times table noughts and crosses and we are getting better at learning our tables.

We have been learning a sign language called Makaton.  We have learned the actions for good morning, good afternoon and thank you. We have also learned to say thank you in French, we now say merci.

Pudsey Bear came to our school on Wednesday 28th September to tell us all about the Great Scottish Run sponsored by The Bank of Scotland. We got a great picture of us with Pudsey.

On Friday 30th September we held a Macmillan Coffee Morning. Some people made cakes and some people bought cakes. We all got juice and a cake, they were scrumptious. All the money raised is to help people with cancer. We hope we have raised loads of money.