P5’s Class Roots Trip to Dumfries House

On Tuesday 20th September our class travelled by bus to Dumfries House in Ayrshire which took nearly one and a half hours.

When we arrived we had a snack of biscuits and water. We were then split into two groups where one was led by Chris and the other one by Trudy. Chris taught us how to plant seeds and then how to look after them so they would grow. Each of us got to take our pot of planted chard seeds home.

Trudy took us into the garden where we got to dig up leeks and potatoes. She also showed us runner beans and curly kale that was growing in the garden. We took them inside to the kitchen and after they were cleaned we chopped them up and helped to make soup. Most of us thought the soup tasted delicious.

After lunch the groups swapped round so everyone got a chance to do all the activities. All too soon it was time to go home but we had a fantastic day.