University staff visit P4 as part of the Explorathon 2016 project

Dr Ibrahim and Dr Clare came from Strathclyde University to talk to our class about 3D printers.  We were amazed at what we saw and learnt.  Dr Ibrahim is a pharmacist, so he designs and administers medicines. He told us that he had recently had to take a medicine that he had designed; it helped him to overcome illness!

 The printer that they brought with them used to cost £4000 but now you can buy the same type for £1125.  The 3D printer can make anything that you can imagine.  We got to see the 3D printer making a plastic shark and we got a copy of one of these for each of our groups.  Everyone was saying things like: “It was amazing”, “10 out of 10” and just “The best”.

We also saw a film about a boy whose dad had made him a new hand on a 3D Printerbecause his did not develop properly when he was a baby.  Dr Ibrahim told us that they even have 3D printers that can print things made of chocolate!  Hope Santa brings us one of those.

Ms. MacDonald came in on her day off to share the experience with us and said that there were loads of useful things that we could do.

While the Doctors were there they asked us, if we were researchers what we would research about.  Look at some of the brilliant ideas:

I would research a teleporter that can take you to space and rewind time. (William Brand Armstrong)

I would research a flying house that can go up to the sky and a robot to clean your flying house and a robot that cleans your garden. (Karen Trepczyk)

I would research and make new medicine so you will not say nasty words and if you take the medicine you will be the nicest person ever. (Mya Hamilton)

I would research a flying motorbike with an X-Box and it is designed like a big ball. (Levi Reid)

I would research to design video games that only I and my friends could play. (GregorHall)

I would research to make a chair that it can lift you in your house to get your bedroom, toilet and living room. (Aimee Carbury)

I would research to design a 3D model of Glasgow through the years. You could type in a date and it would show you what the city looked like at any given time.  (Anthony Beaton)

I would research a teleporter iPad(Brooke Carroll)

I would research a robot spider that flies and helps you with maths. (Kaitlyn Gallagher)

I would research a chair that takes you where you want to go and it flies too! (Stephanie Rae)

I would design a bracelet you have a tiara you have to put in how many feet up and down and it will take you there. (Rachel Ferris)

I would design a flying bed with a horn and an umbrella. (Kiera Clark)

I would create a console that teleports you into the computer game that you are playing. (Johnny Conway)

I would research a robot cat it can do stuff for you it can even do your homework. It will be like a real cat but it will not run away. (Julie McPhillie)

I would make a teleporting arrow where ever it lands it will teleport you there and it would be able to get you to go back in time. (Ben Venman)

I would like to make a jet that could go under water and you could fly or travel under the sea. (Jay Galt)

I would design a TV that sucks you into the television and it takes you to where you want to go. ( Ross Hegarty)

I would research about fitting cats with wings and diamond armour. (Rachael Magee)

I would like to make a shop that can transport you upstairs with the flick of a switch. (Eva Mundt)

I would design a flying car so you don’t need to take a plane and you would not get lost. (Aimee Morisson)

I would research a hover board that drives you and flies you and it’s got a roof that goes up and down for the sun and the rain. It has rocket boosters at the back and is extremely fast and it is that fast that it could probably make you think it’s a horrible day when it is a good day. And when you are moving no one can see you. No-one can jump in you.  And it is so, so, so, so, so, so, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, fast.  (Oliver Henderson).

I would make a teleporter that gets you to a different location (Emma Clorley)

 I would make a book that reads to you every single favourite story.  (Jessica Jay McCool)

 I would make a teleporter that makes you invisible and puts you where you want, it makes you shrink and helps you with your maths. (Hannah McGhee)

  I would research acute dog that can do anything for you like your homework and it can follow you.

(Neive Murray)