P2 King’s Theatre trip

P2 were so lucky to have the opportunity to be invited to The King’s Theatre in Glasgow. On Tuesday 6th December, we travelled by coach to the beautiful venue – many of us couldn’t believe how high the beautiful old ceilings were!

As we settled in our fantastic balcony seats, we couldn’t wait for the show to begin. We were not disappointed! The pantomime told the story of kind and caring Cinderella, who lived with her horrible stepsisters Livinia and Eugenia. The “ugly sisters” were played by Glasgow TV legends Gregor Fisher and Tony Roper and certainly kept us entertained with many jokes, songs and gags galore! We booed when the ugly sisters stopped Cinderella from going to the ball, and cheered when she finally married the handsome prince.

We all had a wonderful time, and the children were a real credit to their school and community, showing excellent behaviour and fully participating in all the fun of the panto. A big thank you to The King’s Theatre for inviting us!

Christmas Fayre

P2 were busy bees in the weeks leading up to the Christmas fayre, helping Ms Wilson to make some ‘Reindeer food’ and ‘Grinch dust’! For the reindeer food, we mixed some porridge oats sprinkled with ‘magic glitter’, and for our Grinch dust we mixed some sugar with green food colouring to make it a cool ‘Grinch green’! Both need to be sprinkled outside on Christmas Eve in order to keep Santa’s reindeer well fed, and also to keep away that mean old Grinch who wants to steal Christmas! The children have also been enjoying listening to the stories of Dr Seuss, and as a special treat we even watched ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’ to get us in the festive mood! The children worked hard to make our Christmas crafts, and we were so happy to see all of our creations get sold at the Christmas fayre! Thank you to everyone who bought some Reindeer Food and Grinch Dust! We hope you have a wonderful, ‘Grinch-free’ Christmas!

P2 Music Lessons

P2 are so lucky to be receiving Music tuition on a fortnightly basis from Glasgow Create YMI music tutor, Mr Cairney. Ms Wilson has also attended Music training run by this scheme, so the class will benefit from Music lessons every week.

Mr Cairney has been working with the class on various aspects of music including rhythm, keeping the beat and singing. The class has especially enjoyed, and benefitted from, playing games that require good listening skills.

Here are some photos of the class singing their favourite ‘Bananas song’. The children have to listen carefully for the instructions in order to perform the right dance moves!

Ms Wilson has been so impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the children. Everybody is willing to ‘have a go’ and take part in the lessons. It is also especially encouraging to see the children support each other and give compliments to their classmates