Glasgow's Improvement Challenge

 - Raising attainment in literacy and numeracy in primary schools.

In Glasgow, 119 primary schools have been selected to be part of the improvement challenge (as part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge), this is based on the percentage of children in each of the schools living in the most deprived postcodes. There are over 31,000 children in the selected Glasgow primary schools of which nearly 21,000 live in the 20% most deprived postcodes. These schools have been put into clusters of between three and five primary schools. Each cluster has been allocated additional teaching time. The aim of this project is to raise standards in literacy and numeracy.

Antonine Primary School is in Cluster 5, along with St Clare's, Camstradden and Langfaulds Primaries.

To raise attainment our school has been allocated extra teaching time each week equivalent to  4.5 days. Our experienced teachers, Mrs Rae (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs McIntosh (Thursday-Friday) lead our improvement challenge work. Their new title is 'Challenge Leaders of Learning'.

Through 2015-16 and 2016-17 Antonine Primary's improvement challenge focus has been on raising standards in literacy (reading). School improvement initiatives include:

Within-school improvement

  • Staff training on reading strategies proven to work
  • Engage children in reading outwith school hours, including through a lunchtime reading club and the First Minister's Reading Challenge
  • Greater focus on Primary 1 children being secure in phonological awareness, prior to the formal teaching of reading
  • Early intervention programmes for P2 children identified as experiencing difficulties with early reading
  • Train adult volunteers to deliver paired reading at Primary 3-4.
  • Train staff to deliver a new Getting Started Programme to support children in Primary 4-7 struggling with reading
  • Purchase new reading text for targeted groups of children across the school requiring support and challenge
  • Parent programmes to enhance parents/carers' confidence and skills supporting their child with early reading
  • Focus on spreading leadership and leadership development
  • Rigorous self-review and accountability mechanisms
  • Combining short-term tactical agendas with longer-term strategic vision and agendas for literacy

Between-school improvement

  • Promoting collaborative enquiry-based approaches to teachers' professional learning
  • Joint literacy training for Cluster 5 schools
  • Sharing expertise on literacy

Outwith-school improvement

  • Access to resources and research into what works in the city
  • Funding sources
  • Coordinated approach to training for Glasgow teaching and support staff

Improvements in children's attainment are reported annually through our Standards and Quality report which also provides evidence of the wide range of achievements of our pupils.