Building Buddies Club


For some pupils, playtimes and lunchtimes are too busy, noisy and unstructured which can result in them being distressed and interacting negatively with their peers. Moving from the class to playground and playground to class can also be difficult.

Building Buddies Club is a club created to help support these youngsters develop the necessary skills and behaviours to better manage transitions and social interactions at break time and lunch time.

During break time, and with support from staff members Mrs Matheson and Mrs McMenanmin, the Building Buddies Club go to the gym hall for team games and singing. During lunch timethere is time in the gym hall then then the children move onto more structured, quieter activities in our quiet room. During all these activities, social skills are revised and encouraged. When break time and lunch time are finished pupils are supported with the transition back to class.

Each of the pupils has specific learning targets which are reviewed and assessed regularly.

The Building Buddies Club runs on Monday playtime and lunchtime, Tuesday lunchtime, Wednesday breaktime and, when staffing allows, a Wednesday lunchtime.

Pupils who come to Building Buddies take great pride in their club and have great fun!

If you have any questions/queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school and speak to Mrs Matheson.