Messages from the headteacher and Executive Director of Education

The message below was sent to all headteachers on Saturday 3 March by the Executive Director of Education. I will assess the situation regarding, weather, access to the school and staffing levels mid-day on Sunday 3 March. I will then text parents mid afternoon with an update.

Wendy Cameron

Head Teacher




We are continuing to put messages out on social media to update parents and staff. Our position announced yesterday remains the same – we are working on the basis that all schools and nurseries will be open on Monday.


On Monday morning, heads will need to assess their ability to keep children safely in their schools taking account of staffing, heating, etc. As ever, we should do everything we can to keep our schools and nurseries open.


I have been in touch with Cordia and over 70% of our schools and nurseries have been checked. We have arranged for the janitors in the remaining 30% to start an hour earlier on Monday.


We will be monitoring the weather over the weekend and putting a further message out on Sunday, hopefully, confirming that all will be open.




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