Hydration in Antonine Primary School

Antonine has a clear health promotion policy, including encouraging pupils to keep hydrated. It has been brought to the attention of staff that a post was recently put on social media about Antonine’s policy regarding drinking water in school. In light of this matter I would like to update parents/carers about our policy.


Better hydration means better performance in school and plain water offers an alternative to unhealthy sugary drinks.

  • Helps children stay healthy
  • Improves co-ordination
  • Reduces tiredness

Pupils are permitted to drink plain, still water in class at points of transition (e.g. before and after breaks), at PE and if the weather is hot. Parents should provide their child with a reusable water bottle, which should be kept in school bags.

The school has two mains fed water coolers situated on the ground and first floors for use by children and staff.

Pupils have always been permitted to drink flavoured water and fruit juice at break times.

Increasingly however, pupils were bringing in flavoured water or juice with the expectation of drinking it throughout lessons. The matter was discussed at several Parent Council meetings, at the Pupil Health Group and at staff meetings.  From these consultations it was agreed that only plain, still water would be permitted in class, while pupils could drink water, juice or milk before school starts, at playtime and at lunchtime.

The change in our policy is that water bottles are now expected to be kept in school bags or at the class sink, rather than on desks.


Healthy Snacks

As a health promoting school our policy for snacks at break times is as follows:

  • 1 piece of fruit and/or 1 small or standard size snack.
  • No food containing any nuts
  • No sweets (e.g. chewy candy and lollipops)
  • No large snack packets

There is a poster going up in all classes setting out our school policy about what is and isn’t allowed to be consumed in class and the playground. This has been available on our website (Newsletter section) since the start of term.

As always please contact the headteacher or Parent Council directly if you have any questions or concerns.

All our policies are in accordance with the vision of Glasgow City Council for children to grow up healthy, and able to make good choices about food and drink.

If your child has special dietary needs please contact the headteacher who will advise on the support available. Cordia lunch hall staff currently provide exceptional support and care for several children who require special diets.