Plans for Zebra Crossing and Additional Parking for Antonine

In a bid to improve road safety around Antonine Primary School the headteacher contacted Councillor Paul Carey to ask if he could assist the school with the following two proposals: 

1. To have a zebra crossing installed on Dunkenny Road.

2. To open up the grounds of the old Drumry School to allow temporary parking for families dropping off and picking up children from school.

Councillor Carey contacted Land and Environmental Services who arranged for an initial observation to be carried out at finishing time at Antonine Primary. The feedback was as follows.

Whilst it was noted that pedestrians left the school in multiple directions, one predominant pedestrian flow existed between Abbotshall Avenue and Hecla Avenue. The traffic flows on Dunkenny Road were generally light throughout the visit and there was sufficient gaps between cars to allow pedestrians to cross safely. Nevertheless, it is noted that the introduction of a zebra crossing would be of some benefit to pedestrians wishing to cross Dunkenny Road and I can confirm that I intend to take this proposal forward before the end of April 2017.  I shall confirm the exact timescale once the contractor has been appointed to carry out the works.

With regard to proposals to introduce temporary car parking at Abbotshall Road, I can advise that DRS Planning colleagues highlighted that there ‘will be archaeological constraints given the site was formerly occupied with the Peel of Drumry which was demolished in the 1950s’.

The Peel of Drumry was a tower or part of a castle from the 1500’s and this issue will need to be examined further before LES commence works. City Property are required to consult with West Of Scotland Archaeological Services regarding this matter. I will update you on the outcome of these discussions as soon as planning matter is resolved and to confirm the start date for the works.

 I trust this is of assistance.

 Andy Waddell

Head of Infrastructure and Environment                                                                                                              Land and Environmental Services