Hydration in Antonine Primary School

Antonine has a clear health promotion policy, including encouraging pupils to keep hydrated. It has been brought to the attention of staff that a post was recently put on social media about Antonine’s policy regarding drinking water in school. In light of this matter I would like to update parents/carers about our policy.


Better hydration means better performance in school and plain water offers an alternative to unhealthy sugary drinks.

  • Helps children stay healthy
  • Improves co-ordination
  • Reduces tiredness

Pupils are permitted to drink plain, still water in class at points of transition (e.g. before and after breaks), at PE and if the weather is hot. Parents should provide their child with a reusable water bottle, which should be kept in school bags.

The school has two mains fed water coolers situated on the ground and first floors for use by children and staff.

Pupils have always been permitted to drink flavoured water and fruit juice at break times.

Increasingly however, pupils were bringing in flavoured water or juice with the expectation of drinking it throughout lessons. The matter was discussed at several Parent Council meetings, at the Pupil Health Group and at staff meetings.  From these consultations it was agreed that only plain, still water would be permitted in class, while pupils could drink water, juice or milk before school starts, at playtime and at lunchtime.

The change in our policy is that water bottles are now expected to be kept in school bags or at the class sink, rather than on desks.


Healthy Snacks

As a health promoting school our policy for snacks at break times is as follows:

  • 1 piece of fruit and/or 1 small or standard size snack.
  • No food containing any nuts
  • No sweets (e.g. chewy candy and lollipops)
  • No large snack packets

There is a poster going up in all classes setting out our school policy about what is and isn’t allowed to be consumed in class and the playground. This has been available on our website (Newsletter section) since the start of term.

As always please contact the headteacher or Parent Council directly if you have any questions or concerns.

All our policies are in accordance with the vision of Glasgow City Council for children to grow up healthy, and able to make good choices about food and drink.

If your child has special dietary needs please contact the headteacher who will advise on the support available. Cordia lunch hall staff currently provide exceptional support and care for several children who require special diets.





P1-3 Disco 5.15-6.45pm & P4-7 Disco 7-8.30pm. Thursday 28 March. £2 at the door.

For £2 entry the children get juice, a snack and an Easter Egg. the ticket price also covers the cost of the DJ.

All children must be accompanied to and from the disco by an adult who signs them in. Children will not be allowed to go into the car park unaccompanied.

We are piloting an alternative disco 4.30-5.15pm for children who find this traditional disco too noisy and/or busy - see earlier post.


Alternative Disco Fun for Children on Wed 28 March, 4.30-5.15pm

Antonine is offering children from P1-7  the option of attending an alternative disco to the traditional option. The cost is £2 per child, which includes a drink, snacks and Easter Egg. The benefits are:

  • the children can enjoy music at a lower volume
  • lower numbers attending will offer every child the space they need to fully enjoy the experience, in surroundings they are comfortable in
  • parents/carers can stay in the disco, or the gym hall - no fee for adults
  • the event allows parents/carers to socialise with like-minded people

School Car Park Safety

The gates into the school car park will be closed 8.45-9.15am, 1-1.30pm and 2.45-3.15pm. This decision is to ensure the safety of pupils and other users accessing school grounds during these busy times. Too many motorists are not parking safely and driving too fast in our car park. A school bus was unable to park safely last week due to parents parking outwith car park spaces. All parents are asked to park a short distance from Antonine and walk to school. Thank you for your anticipated support to ensure the safety of children.

Messages from the headteacher and Executive Director of Education

The message below was sent to all headteachers on Saturday 3 March by the Executive Director of Education. I will assess the situation regarding, weather, access to the school and staffing levels mid-day on Sunday 3 March. I will then text parents mid afternoon with an update.

Wendy Cameron

Head Teacher




We are continuing to put messages out on social media to update parents and staff. Our position announced yesterday remains the same – we are working on the basis that all schools and nurseries will be open on Monday.


On Monday morning, heads will need to assess their ability to keep children safely in their schools taking account of staffing, heating, etc. As ever, we should do everything we can to keep our schools and nurseries open.


I have been in touch with Cordia and over 70% of our schools and nurseries have been checked. We have arranged for the janitors in the remaining 30% to start an hour earlier on Monday.


We will be monitoring the weather over the weekend and putting a further message out on Sunday, hopefully, confirming that all will be open.




Maureen McKenna
Executive Director of Education
Education Services
Glasgow City Council
City Chambers
40 John Street
G1 1JL
Tel: 0141 287 4551
UK Council of the Year 2015


Schools have been asked to share with parents and carers the following information about transport to school. Please contact the school is you wish to ask anything about this matter.

Online Transport Applications

As you are aware, there is an obligation on local authorities to provide transport for entitled children and young people, from their registered home address to their catchment school and the return journey.  Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) arrange transport for primary and secondary children on behalf of Glasgow City Council.

 Following on from the success of the P1 Online Enrolment Form, Customer and Business Services (CBS) staff in the Corporate Integrated Transport Unit are launching a new Mainstream Transport Application form, which will allow parent/carers to apply for transport online.   The online form will be available on Glasgow City Council website for parent/carers from Monday 19 February 2018. .  https://glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=21580


In order to complete the on line application , families require to register on ‘myaccount’.  ‘myaccount’ is a free and secure sign-in service for accessing public services online in Scotland, which has been introduced by the Scottish Government.   If parents do not have an account, the system will take them through the process of creating one. However if they do not have an email address they will require to use the paper application process.


As above parent/carers were very supportive of the P1 online enrolment form and I would ask that you advise parent/carers of this change and encourage them to now apply for their child’s school transport online, via Glasgow City Council Website.  https://glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=21580


If parent/carers are unable to access the internet they can contact the Corporate Integrated Transport Unit on 0141 287 1056 and request a paper copy.


Details of this change will also be posted on GCC Facebook and Twitter for parents.


Timeframe for making a Transport Application


Applications should be made by 28 March each year and parent/carers will be notified of the outcome by end of May each year.  Applications received after 28 March will be dealt with in due course.


·        For Primary Schools, parents should be encouraged to submit transport applications when they register their child for school in November each year.  If successful transport will be granted from P1 to P7.


·        For Secondary Schools, parents should be encouraged to submit applications in February each year before their child transfers to secondary school in August - if successful transport will be granted from S1-S6.


·        Please note a fresh application is required if a family move house and / or change school

Parent/carers can apply for transport on the following grounds:



Distance Criteria

The pupil lives more than 1.2 miles away from the local primary catchment school by the shortest suitable walking route


The pupil lives more than 2.2 miles away from the local secondary catchment school by the shortest suitable walking route


Medical/Exceptional Circumstances

Parent/carers can apply for transport on medical/exceptional circumstances but will be asked to upload supporting documentation from their GP, Social Worker etc


Unsuitable Route

Where a parent/carer has a concern about the route their child takes to school.   These requests will be passed to Les Roads Section to carry out an assessment of the route.

 Local School Full

Where a child has been placed in a school nominated by Glasgow City Council as the result of no space being available in their local catchment primary or secondary school parent/carers can apply for transport in line with the distance criteria

 Privilege Seats

If spare seats exist on a dedicated transport vehicle transport may be granted on a privilege seat basis as long as there is no additional cost to the authority.    Privilege seats are awarded on an annual basis and parent/carers need to apply each year.

 Link to GCC Webpage for further Transport information - https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=17882


Is your child starting school in August 2018?

Children who have a 5th birthday between 01/03/18 and 28/2/19 should enrol to start school in August 2018.


Enrolment is online using the Glasgow City Council website www.glasgow.gov.uk from

Monday 6th November - Friday 10th November 2017


If you do not have access to a computer you can request a paper form by calling 0141 287 8000


Our school is holding two Open Doors sessions on -

Monday 6 November from 9.25-10.25am and

 Monday 6 November from 3.15-4.15pm

 for parents to visit our school and learn more about how to complete the online enrolment form.

Pre-school children are welcome to visit too.



Antonine Primary School: 4 Abbotshall Avenue, Drumchapel, Glasgow G15 8PR

Phone: 0141 944 6923       

Email: headteacher @antonine-pri.glasgow.sch.uk






Website: www.antonineprimaryschool.co.uk




Football Pitch Access Programme - Summer Break

Following on from the Spring Break opening of the football pitches to allow free access for local young people we plan to open these again during the summer period. 

 Our football pitches will  open from 29 June 2017 to Monday 14th August inclusive from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. each day. 

 The janitor will open and close the pitch and carry out daily pitch inspections. 

 The pitches will not be open on Monday 17th July 2017 .



After School Club Evaluations

As the after school clubs have now finished for this school year this is a good time to see what has been going well and what we should look to improve upon.

Antonine has a very busy and diverse sporting after school club programme which is well attended by pupils throughout the school. We have made strong links with local sports clubs and some of our children have went on to enjoy great levels of success, fun and enjoyment from taking part in our clubs.

We would be grateful if you spare a few moments to complete the appropriate survey.

After School Club Evaluations - Parents & Carers - surveymonkey.com/r/SCWPGF8   

Pupils - surveymonkey.com/r/S2YNR9C

If you wish to discuss any issues to do with the after school clubs please contact Mr McDonnell at the school or, if you prefer, you cane send him an email - gw14mcdonnellandrew@glow.ea.glasgow.sch.uk


Many thanks