Attendance & Absence Information

At Antonine Primary good attendance is encouraged at all times.  

Pupil Absence Reporting Line

You should call the pupil absence reporting team on; 0141 287 0039 to report your child is going to be absent from school.  The telephone line is that it is open every school day from 8am.  You should call the absence reporting line as early as possible on the first day of your child’s absence.

Parents and carers should phone the line to report the following absences:

  1. Sickness absence:  if the absence lasts more than one day, you are also required to call on day three and again on day five to provide an update.  A letter should be provided to the school when your child returns from their absence.
  2. Medical or Dental Appointments: You should contact this line to report absences for medical or dental appointments.  The school requires a letter or appointment card in advance of the appointment to ensure permission is given to be absent from class.

Types of absences you should reported directly to the school
To make sure you are provided with and receive the appropriate support, you should contact the school directly to report absences of a sensitive or personal nature, for example:

  • Bereavement
  • Serious illness, for example,  an absence which is going to last more than one week
  • Injury, for example, broken limb
  • Contagious diseases or illness

If your child is going to be absent for some time, it is helpful to know at the earliest opportunity. Should a child be unaccounted for by 9.30am the school will text the parent’s/carer’s mobile or home number to inform them of the child’s absence.

If your child has an unavoidable appointment, please give them a letter for their class teacher and then collect them from the school office at the specified time.

Parents/carers do not have an automatic right to take their child out of school without permission during term-time. The Head Teacher can only authorise time off during term-time in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances include:

  • short-term parental/carer placement abroad;
  • family returning to its country of origin for family reasons;
  • the period immediately after an illness or accident;
  • a period of serious or critical illness of a close relative;
  • a domestic crisis which causes disruption to the family home, causing temporary relocation.

Time off during term-time for the following reasons is not acceptable and will be recorded as an unauthorised absence:

  • availability of cheap holidays or desired accommodation;
  • holidays which overlap with the beginning or end of term.

Latecoming will be noted on the class register and drawn to the parent’s attention. The head teacher will monitor attendance rates of all pupils.  Where attendance is unsatisfactory, parents will be invited to discuss any difficulties with the school.

The Education Liaison Officer will investigate unexplained absence and the Authority has the power to write to, interview or prosecute parents/carers, or to refer pupils to the Reporter to the Children’s Panel, if necessary.