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Curriculum for Excellence Certificates - Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens

October-Dec 2016

P1a: Rhian Orr, Halle Thomson & all the children in P1a

P1b: Souness Clark, Michael Hamilton and all the children in P1b

P2/1: Zander Burns, Kayla Milliken and Jay Gafar

P2: Kyle Rodden, Summer Martin and Marissa Munro

P3a: Paige Murphy, Nathan Doran and Caitlin Clarke

P3b: Lara Fletcher, Jack Halford and Kayleigh Doran

P4: Ava Mundt, Gregor Hall and Ben Venman

P5/4: Robyn Coyle, Toni Gibson and Tayler Gilmore

P5: Declan Fraser, Sophie McInally and Jason Asiedu

P6/5: Tyler Melrose, Alex Dover and Liam Sanders

P7/6: Tyler Milliken, David McArthur and Charlie MacDonald

P7: John Edwards and Ross Colligan


August and September 2016

P1a: Cole MacKinnon, Abigail Gallacher, Ava Chalmers and Emily Edwards

P1b: Abbey Collaghan, Mark Sheppard, Kyle Henderson and Millie Gavin

P2/1:  Steven McBride, Teigan Watson, Leah Jackson, Bryony Hegarty, Max McLaughlan and Makayla Burrows

P2: Eilidh MacDonald, Zack Glassford, Arron Black, Devon McIlveen, Abbie Floyd and Olivia Chalmers

P3a: Renesme Aitken, Siara Colraine, Kaiden Burns, Olivia Simons and Michael Yusef

P3b: Colin McIntyre, Grace Amira Ahmad,Kayleigh Doran, John Sloan, Arlene Mackintosh and Scott Laurico

P4: William Brand Armstrong, Brooke Gillies, Johnny Conway and Karen Trepczyk

P5/4: Toni Gibson, Katie Blades, Hamish McKay, Taylor Gilmore, Erin Baker and Riordan Burgess

P5: Ryan Glassford, Kaiden Thompson, Chelsea Tosh, Katrina Chen, Carly Gow and Kiara Milliken

P6/5: Joshua Gillies, Maisie Galbraith and Lochlann Gilmour

P7/6: Mackenzie McLaren, Rhys McDonald, Estherlit Laurico, Joey McIntyre, Charlotte Corrigan and Stewart Moir

P7: Dylan Ferris, Karolina Trepczyk, Abbie Mitchell, Emilie Kelso, Connor Campbell and Naomi Hampson

The certificates the children take home detail the specific aspect of their conduct or learning being celebrated.